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REDD+ in Madagascar : You can’t see the wood from the carbon

Within the framework of a European project, Friends of the Earth France and its partners have chosen to support reportage and journalism projects. This report is one of a series of five case studies focusing on issues surrounding the carbon markets and their impact on agriculture and forests. This report examines the Holistic Conservation Programme for Forests in Madagascar, led by WWF Madagascar and GoodPlanet and funded by Air France. It was written by Sophie Chappelle, a journalist for the news website Basta ! ( and is the result of a field mission organised in May 2013.

Part 1 and the Recommendations of this report were written by Sylvain Angerand, for Friends of the Earth France. Part 5 was co-written.

A video was also edited, with testimonies of affected communities.

REDD+ in Madagascar : you can’t see the wood for the carbon from Bastamag on Vimeo.

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